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Tuition Fees

Infants | Toddlers | Threes and Fours and Fives/Potty trained

5 days $255 $230 $230/$200

4 days $230 $210 $210/$185

3 days $205 $190 $190/$165

2 days $175 $155 $155/$135

Kindergarten program:

Monday-Thursday 9-3 $180

4 full days $185 5 full days $200

Elementary care: First grade- Fifth grade

Before school $60

After school $85

Combination $110


Vacation week $170 | Extra day $50 | Early release or snow day $15 extra

Little Explorer's Pre-Kindergarten


Our pre-kindergarten program focuses on cognitive, literacy, social/emotional and physical development. We explore many different approaches to learning through hands on, group and sensory activities. We promote self help skills by encouraging independence in everything they do. By the end of pre-kindergarten students will be able to recognize all upper case and most lower case letters. Every week we focus on one letter. Along with various themes, most of our activities are based on the letter of the week. Math skills are another important aspect of our pre-kindergarten class. They are taught to recognize numbers zero through twenty, graph, sort and complete simple math tasks. With all of these skills they will be ready to enter kindergarten.